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Best Photo Booth App for iPad in 2023

Discover the top photo booth apps for your iPad to help you transform your tablet into a dynamic photo kiosk for your next wedding, event or kids' party.

This guide to the best photo booth app for iPad will walk you through the top choices that can transform your tablet into an engaging photo kiosk.

You’ll gain insights into which apps offer the most features, user-friendliness, and overall value.

This knowledge can enhance your photography sessions, weddings, events, or even casual get-togethers.

Having spent significant time in the photography world and tested numerous iPad apps myself, I’ve distilled my findings to help you make an informed choice.

(I’ve also attended several weddings that used iPad photo booth apps to take snapshots of the guests.)

By the end of this read, you’ll be well-equipped to pick the best photo booth apps that suit your unique needs.

What is the Best Photo Booth App for iPad in 2023?

Mini Photobooth (Best DIY Photo Booth iPad App)

Mini photobooth ios app screenshots.

  • Lots of templates, including GIF templates
  • Animated GIFs
  • 120+ Font options
  • 800+ Stickers
  • Customizable layouts and templates
  • Event mode with countdown
  • Option to change the background
  • Share from app to email, social media, and more
  • Connects to AirPrint printer
  • Free
  • 4.7 Star rating on the App Store
  • In-App purchases

Mini Photobooth is the best DIY photo booth iPad app. Providing many design and customizable elements for your photos.

It includes animated GIF templates and the option to change backgrounds.

The incorporated event mode and countdown feature make this a fantastic iPad photo booth app for events.

Mini Booth isn’t so mini regarding special features and DIY elements – it has it all.

Simple Booth HALO 4+ (Best Free iPad Photo Booth App)

A screenshot of the snapchat app on an iphone.

  • Animated GIFs
  • Looped videos
  • Professional lighting
  • Auto Scaling
  • Intuitive to use
  • Digital props
  • Add branding
  • Free
  • 4.6 Star App Store rating
  • Limited features

If you are looking for uncomplicated, free iPad photo booth software, this is a great app to download.

It has everything you could need, from a photo booth for your business or event.

In our opinion, this is the best free iPad booth app on the market.

Halo removes green or blue screens, allowing you to swap to a themed background in your photo booths. You can also add digital props or branding when posing.

Halo makes sharing from the app super easy, including the option for digital scaling.

Halo 4+ might not have all the features a paid app has, but it comes pretty close.

Luma Booth (Best for iPad Photo Booth App for Weddings)

A photo booth app is shown on the screen.

  • Captures photos, gifs, boomerangs and videos
  • Takes 360 degree
  • Easy to share directly from the app
  • AI background remover
  • Template editor
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Built-in filters
  • Different options for print layout
  • Add text
  • Virtual attendant to guide guests
  • Online galleries
  • 4.3 Star rating on the App Store
  • In-app costs

The Luma Booth app is the pick of the bunch for event photo booth apps.

Features such as ease of use, funky filters, and simple set-up make it the top pick for weddings.

The virtual attendant will ensure it is foolproof for device-illiterate guests to use.

Luma Booth comes with fantastic design features, such as the option to create animated gifs and templates.

It has ready-made templates to attach to photos. Luma Booth makes it easy to add the wedding’s branding to photos.

The background remover will allow you to set a themed background for the wedding.

Share easily with your guests from the app via email, SMS, Twitter, QR code, and more.

The Luma Booth app is a fantastic way to ensure there are plenty of souvenir snapshots of your wedding.

Booth.Events (Best for iPad Photo Booth App for Small Businesses)

Instagram's photo booth app is shown on the screen.

  • Offers slow-mo movies, GIFs, and boomerangs
  • Provides props
  • Streamlines experience
  • Compatible with some cameras
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Print directly from the app
  • Branding options
  • Green screen
  • Free
  • Online galleries
  • 4.8 Star rating on the App Store
  • Nothing negative to say about this app

If you have a business looking for a photo booth option Booth.Events is the best choice for you.

Photo booths are a valuable marketing tool for small businesses. They can be used to elevate your profile by engaging customers with your business.

Booth.Events is an intuitive, easy-to-use app, making it accessible to all customers.

Interactive features like props and animated overlays are great for added fun elements.

Its customizable templates allow you to add your business branding to photos. This will make them instantly recognizable on social media.

Easy to share on social media, it facilitates customers’ promotion of your business.

Fun2Booth (Best for iPad Photo Booth App for Beginners)

A screen shot of a photo app with a picture of a group of people.

  • Easy to use
  • Child friendly
  • Fonts
  • Share from app
  • Free
  • 4.7 Star App Store rating
  • No in-app printing option
  • Limited options
  • In-app purchases

The Fun2Booth has everything a beginner needs in iPad photo booth software.

It is a great app with no cost to download and try, offering fonts and the option to share from the app.

You won’t be confused or overloaded with options, making it uncomplicated and easy to use.

Fun2Booth is perfect for children and novices but lacks advanced features for a professional photo booth business.

Touch Pix (Best 360 iPad Photo Booth App)

A screen shot of the twip app on an iphone.

  • Captures still photos, GIFs, boomerangs, and videos
  • Creates slow-motion videos
  • Takes 360 degree
  • Easy to share directly from the app
  • Automatic background remover
  • Add stickers
  • Add text
  • Draw on photos
  • Free
  • 4.8 Star rating on the App Store
  • In-app purchases

If you want the 360 photo booth experience, nothing beats the TouchPix photo booth app.

Toch Pix generates 360 spinner images and so much more.

It can add design elements, change backgrounds, and draw on photos, making this photo booth app a great option for events or businesses.

This professional photo booth software was made with 360-degree footage in mind, so it can bring a unique element to your event.

With technological advancements in the photo booth industry relatively slow, it’s nice to see 360 footage added to the mix.

Pocket Booth (Best “Classic Style” iPad Photo Booth App)

Pocketbooth ios app screenshot.

  • Classic photo booth look
  • Pocket-sized photo booth
  • Intuitive to use
  • Share photos directly from the app
  • Saves GPS location
  • 4.5 Star rating on the App Store
  • Limited features
  • In-app purchases

The Pocket Booth’s classic style has made it a popular photo booth amongst retro fanatics.

It is a compact pocket photo booth designed to be used on a phone, that creates an intimate photo booth experience.

Pocket Booth pops out beautiful vintage-style photo booth photos in black and white or color.

The Pocket Booth is equipped with the best photo booth software to add a classic look to your images.

The selfie fetish is real, and it isn’t going away any time soon. So delve in, download, and enjoy.

Why Use a Third-Party Photo Booth App When iPad Has Its Own App?

Yes, the iPad comes with its own photo booth app. However, it has fewer design features than a professional third-party app.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPad photo booth is great. It comes with an array of different effects, such as Stretch, X-Ray, and Kaleidoscope.

IPad’s clever photo booth software displays photo booth photos in multiple tiles, each with a different effect.

However, the iPad photo booth is limited. Special effects aren’t all it takes to make a photo booth app enticing.

Third-party photo booth apps offer a more immersive experience. Providing many specialized features to generate more interesting images.

Professional photo booth apps have snazzy digital props. Plus, they can remove backgrounds without the need for a green screen.

The iPad has basic editing features, but third-party booths are equipped with advanced editing tools.

Third-party booth apps update their software regularly with new features and performance improvements.

A good third-party app guarantees a top-quality photo booth experience.

Can You Use an iPad for a Photo Booth at a Wedding?

Gifyyy animated photobooth with and without optional face-plate.

Gifyyy animated iPad photo booth with and without an optional faceplate.

Yes, you can use an iPad for a photo booth at a wedding, and many people do.

It only takes a few moments to set one up. Simply allocate a spot and position the iPad so guests can tap to start the photo booth timer.

One of the beauties is you can pop the iPad booth in any spot, secluded or public.

Photo booths have become a popular feature at weddings and events. They fuse the fun of cramming into a space to pose with instant memorabilia.

Photo booths are entertaining. Relatives and friends can bond as they strike a pose together.

Photos can be printed out on the night or sent from the app directly to guests as souvenirs.

Plus, photo booth memorabilia is a great way to relive the night and prolong the memory.

Frequently Asked Questions about the best photo booth apps for iPad

Is there a free photo booth app?

Yes, there are free photo booth apps.

Simple Booth Halo 4 is a free photo booth app for iPads.

Tapbooth and Simple Booth are both free photo booth apps available for download.

What is the best 360 photo booth app for iPad?

Touch Pix is the best 360 photo booth app for iPads.

Do all iPad photo booth apps require a subscription?

No, the free iPad photo booth apps do not require a subscription.

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