A picture of a woman with a nude body.

7 Free AI Nude Generators to Create Fake Nudes

Experiment with these free online tools that allow you to generate fake nude images. Be mindful of the ethical considerations of NSFW imagery.

Using an AI nude generator can help you produce lifelike fake nude images without the need for a human model.

This exciting technology offers a blend of innovation, convenience, and artistic potential.

However, as with any groundbreaking tool, it also brings forth a myriad of ethical and legal considerations.


Craft detailed realistic or anime visuals from text prompts, including the ability to generate lifelike AI nudes, with a range of customization and expansion options.


AI nude generators allow photographers and digital artists to experiment with different nude poses, backgrounds, lighting scenarios or even fantastical elements.

When generating AI nude images, it’s paramount to act with care and responsibility.

This guide provides essential steps to navigate safely and avoid potential pitfalls when using NSFW AI art generators.

You should also read our guide to nude photography for more inspiration.

7 Free AI Nude Generator Websites (Caution: NSFW Images)


The majority of AI nude generators are free to use, but some require payment for extended features.

Remember that these nude generators produce uncensored AI images that may offend some people.

‘NSFW images’ means ‘not safe for work’ – whether cartoon-like AI nudes or realistic nude images. You have been warned.


An image of a nude woman in a swimming pool.

  • Generates an image in seconds
  • Easy to prompt photo to nude tool
  • Can upload an image prompt
  • Realistic photo image or anime-style option
  • It is possible to edit the image after image generation
  • Need a subscription to remove blur
  • Images can be offensive to some people
  • There is a risk of plagiarism due to AI data theft
  • No app available

By using advanced technology, Soulgen can generate captivating AI images from keywords.

By entering just a few words, you can create breathtaking images in seconds.

It gives two options, to create a real-life girl or an anime-style girl. The real-life generate option generates an image similar to a photo.

To generate a personalised AI naked image, enter text prompts to describe your unique girl.

You can let your imagination run wild and generate a selection of different style images.

Simply edit and adapt the prompts, and you have access to unlimited creativity.

If you want to generate images to look like friends or even yourself, you can upload a photo prompt.

Soulgen will use the picture prompt to generate new images using the face of your friend.

To remove the blur and extra text prompts, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

However, you can try Soulgen for free on a trial before committing to buying.

Using this cutting-edge technology, you can create AI art images. This can be useful for photographers to plan shoots.

Deep Nude AI

Two pictures of a woman in a bikini showing her breasts.

  • Fast image generation
  • Limitless options to create nude fake images
  • Easy to use
  • Undress people using AI technology
  • Generates high-quality quality life-like images
  • Homepage is NSFW
  • AI nude photo quality depends on the original image
  • Requires subscription

Deep Nude AI can nudify and undress anybody using advanced and free AI technology.

If you already have a photo of a model wearing clothes, this tool can create a nude fake in seconds.

As with any nude photo generator, this is useful for entertainment or educational purposes.

The AI nude pics generated by the tool are hyper-realistic, but obviously, this will depend on the quality of the original photo.

Visit the homepage to see before/afters to show what can be achieved.

Promptchan AI

A picture of a woman with a nude body.

  • Completely free
  • Generates images in seconds
  • Limitless options to create
  • Generates incredibly realistic images
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to sign up
  • Generates high-quality quality life-like images
  • Not suitable for all audiences
  • Doesn’t generate reliable results
  • AI uses images from the internet, which can lead to data theft

Promptchan AI is an AI-powered tool to create real-life or anime characters.

It is free to use with the option to upgrade for those who want access to more editing control.

It is easily accessible to beginners and advanced AI veterans alike.

The results are high quality and generated from text prompts in seconds.

However, the results might not be the same as the prompts entered.

Promptchan seems to have a mind of its own and ignores the prompts.

Promptchan doesn’t censor content, so not all images are suitable for all viewers.

Users can quickly create their dream girl by merely punching in a few keywords.

A word of caution AI’s visuals can be intoxicating and can lead to unhealthy expectations in life.

Runway ML

A woman is standing in the water on a blue background.

  • Free to use
  • Accepts text, image or image and text prompts
  • Generates videos
  • Generates videos in seconds
  • No option to generate images
  • Image generation slow on the free version
  • Videos can look morphed and unreal

AI image generators are game changers, and now throw into the mix an AI video generator.

Runaway ML is a game-changing tool that uses a photo or image prompt to generate a video.

You can use Runaway ML as an AI nude generator to create virtual sketch ideas for future photoshoots.

Due to Runaway ML’s guidelines, you will not be able to generate nude images from prompts but can use images.

Simply upload a picture prompt to the website, and Runaway ML does the hard work for you in seconds.

Transform the video to look like art. Watercolour art and charcoal sketching are some of the arty options available.

There is the option to type text prompts when you need to refine your video or ai nude pic.

Runaway ML can work as an AI nude generator to use for draft art purposes.

However, there is some room for improvement. The transition from one movement to the next is not smooth. The model can morph and appear deformed.

Unstable Diffusion

An image of a nude woman in a black and white photo.

  • Free to use
  • Simple to sign up and learn
  • Intuitively designed
  • Generates images in seconds
  • Follows text prompts
  • Generates high-quality, detailed results
  • Creates hyper-realistic images
  • Plagiarism and data theft are possible
  • Content is not suitable for all audiences

Unstable Diffusion is a powerful open-source AI tool. True to its name, it utilises latent diffusion to generate high-quality images.

It is free to use, but users can upgrade to a plan to enjoy all that Unstable Diffusion has to offer.

Unstable Diffusion will generate your ai nude photos from text prompts in seconds.

It is intuitive to use, and the results are stunning and breathtakingly hyper-realistic.

Unstable Diffusion allows users to select colours and tones, giving more artistic input.

Unstable Diffusions’s color selection gives users greater control over the final outcome.

AI offers remarkable technology. This allows users to generate nude images to plan shoots without a model.

PicSo AI

A screen shot of a group of people in a chat room.

  • Free to use
  • Simple to use
  • Allows for detailed prompts
  • Creates Anime or realistic images
  • Allows users to enter many prompts
  • Option to use image prompts
  • Generates limited creations
  • It is semi-NSFW
  • Plagiarism is possible
  • Need a subscription to create more than one image a day
  • The free plan is only available on the mobile device

Picso AI is yet another amazing AI tool that will quickly generate realistic images.

You can make free nude AI images from text prompts effortlessly.

PicSo AI creates realistic-looking images that are high in detail and high resolution.

PicSo is easy to use with an intuitive layout.

It generates images in Anime or realistic and allows users to upload image prompts.

Users will need to sign up for a paid subscription to create more than one image a day.

Sexy AI Art Generator

Two pictures of a woman nude on the beach.

  • Completely free to use
  • Intuitive to use
  • No sign-up is needed
  • Generates realistic images
  • Anime or photo styles available
  • Many creative art styles
  • AI plagiarism or identity theft is possible
  • Not suitable for all audiences

Sexy AI Art Generator’s website might look basic, but it can pump out some gems.

You have plenty of options to generate anime-style or photo text-to-images in seconds.

There is no need to sign up to Sexy AI to generate your first AInude – simply hop on their website and enter text prompts.

There is a useful option to include things you don’t want in the naked AI image.

Sexy AI Art Generator can generate images as portrait, square or landscape.

It creates up to 9 images from one prompt, ensuring you’ll end up with plenty of AI generated nudes.

It has many creative styles to choose from, from oil painting, and cinematic. You can even choose to generate a vintage comic image.

Images are realistic, although it is possible to tell that they are not photos.

How to Use AI Nude Generators Ethically & Safely

It’s essential to keep in mind that as AI nude generator technology evolves, so will the questions and considerations surrounding its use.

Always stay informed and approach new AI nude tools with a balance of curiosity and caution.

Here are some tips to help you use these nude AI generator tools both ethically and safely:

Prioritize Consent & Privacy:

Even though AI-generated images aren’t of real individuals, always respect principles of consent and privacy. Never use AI tools to recreate or simulate specific real-world individuals without explicit permission.

Avoid Misrepresentation:

Be transparent about the origins of the AI nude images. If you’re showcasing or selling AI-generated nude art, clearly state that the images were created with AI and not captured using traditional photography methods.

Stay Updated on Legal Landscape:

Laws surrounding digital creations, AI nude images, and representation is still in flux in many jurisdictions. Stay updated on any legal developments of AI-generated NSFW and nude images to ensure you’re always on the right side of the law.

Handle Generated Content Responsibly:

Given the sensitive nature of nude images, handle the AI-generated content with the same care and security measures you’d apply to real photographs.

Educate Your Audience:

If sharing or discussing your AI-generated nude images, educate your audience about the technology. Transparency can foster understanding and mitigate potential misconceptions or concerns.

Is Creating Uncensored AI Nude Images Legal?

Uncensored AI-generated images, including nudes or other types of content, is a complex matter that depends on several factors:

  1. Jurisdiction: Laws regarding AI-generated content can vary widely from one country or region to another. Some countries might have specific laws addressing deepfakes or other AI-generated content, while others might not have any explicit legislation on the matter.
  2. Nature of the Image: If the AI-generated image depicts illegal content, even if the subject is not real, it could be deemed illegal in many jurisdictions.
  3. Intent and Usage: How the images are used can also play a role. Distributing AI-generated images maliciously or without the knowledge or consent of those involved (if they resemble real individuals) could potentially lead to legal repercussions.
  4. Misrepresentation and Fraud: If AI-generated images are used in a way that deceives or misrepresents a situation, product, or individual, there could be legal implications. For instance, using an AI-generated image in an advertisement without disclosing its nature might breach advertising standards.
  5. Copyright and Ownership: The ownership and copyright surrounding AI-generated content can be murky. Depending on the platform’s terms of service, the AI software’s developers might hold some rights to the generated images.
  6. Privacy: Even if the AI-generated image doesn’t directly replicate a real individual, if it’s close enough to resemble someone, it might raise privacy concerns or potential rights publicity issues.
  7. Ethical Considerations: Beyond legality, there are significant ethical considerations to take into account. Just because something isn’t strictly illegal doesn’t mean it’s ethically sound.

When creating naked AI generated nudes, be mindful of the factors above to ensure you don’t get in trouble.


Craft detailed realistic or anime visuals from text prompts, including the ability to generate lifelike AI nudes, with a range of customization and expansion options.



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