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Moment Everything Bags Review (21L, 28L and 4L Insert)

Born from the desire for a bag that does it all, the Everything Backpack is the versatile and good-looking companion that carries everything and goes anywhere.

The Moment Everything Bag is a backpack designed to serve your every need, whether it’s photography, commuting, work, travel, or just your general daily needs.

But just how much space do you need? Moment has provided four sizes, two different styles, and two colours to suit everybody.


Affordable, well-designed and good-looking daily bags that offer easy access and impressive comfort and capacities.


After using the 21L and 28L Everything Bags regularly over the last few months (including a few opportunities for travel), let me show you how they live up to their name and how well either may serve as your everyday and everything bag.

What is the Moment Everything Bag?

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  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Durable and Weather Proof
  • Dynamic in use
  • Lint, Fur, and Dirt Resistant
  • Great capacity range
  • Wide opening for ease of access
  • Front area a bit too soft in build
  • Camera insert a bit funky to access at times

The Moment Everything Bag line up are bags for everyone to suit just about every need.

Moment has worked hard to improve upon their previous lineups to bring us the Everything Bag series.

The bags feature updated designs, new capacities, enhanced materials, and a more dynamic purpose.

They’re not just camera bags, they’re not just work bags, they’re not just gym bags, and they’re not just travel bags.

They’re “Everything bags” – ready to pack, unpack, reconfigure, reuse, and ready to go.

Two black backpacks sitting on a brick sidewalk.

The trio of Moment Everything gear that I have been using over the last few months. The 21L Overnight, 28L Weekender, and 4L Camera Insert.

28L Weekender
Size (HxWxD): 510mm x 315mm x 175mm (20″ x 12.4″ x 6.9″)
Weight: 1kg (2.4lbs)

Laptop Size: 16″ Macbook
Camera Insert: 4L and 8L
Trip Duration: 3 Days
Fits Airline Overhead: Yes
Fits Airline Underseat: No

Additional Features:
– Full Clamshell Opening
– Luggage Pass Through
– Dedicated Tablet Sleeve
– Removable Sternum Strap

21L Overnight Specs
Size (HxWxD): 475mm x 290mm x 152mm (18.7″ x 11.4″ x 6″)
Weight: 0.8kg (1.76lbs)

Laptop Size: 16″ Macbook
Camera Insert: 4L
Trip Duration: 1-2 Days
Fits Airline Overhead: Yes
Fits Airline Underseat: Yes

Additional Features:
– Luggage Pass Through
– Dedicated Tablet Sleeve
– Removable Sternum Strap

17L Daypack Specs
Size (HxWxD): 420mm x 265mm x 140mm (16.5″ x 10.4″ x 5.5″)
Weight: 0.68kg (1.5lbs)

Laptop Size: 14″ Macbook
Camera Insert: 4L
Trip Duration: 1 Day
Fits Airline Overhead: Yes
Fits Airline Underseat: Yes

Additional Features:
– Luggage Pass Through
– Dedicated Tablet Sleeve
– Removable Sternum Strap

19L Tote Specs
Size (HxWxD): 320mm x 475mm x 155mm (12.6″ x 18.7″ x 6.1″)
Weight: 0.85kg (1.86lbs)

Laptop Size: 16″ Macbook
Camera Insert: 4L (Horizontal)
Trip Duration: 1 Day
Fits Airline Overhead: Yes
Fits Airline Underseat: Yes

Additional Features:
– Dedicated Tablet Sleeve
– Additional Cross Body Strap

8L Camera Insert Specs
– DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with 70-200mm Lens attached + 4 additional lenses
– Fits most medium format film cameras
– Fits most collapsible drones with extended battery and accessories kits
– Fits Tech Organiser

– 28L Weekender

– Customizable Padded Dividers
– Accessories Pockets (on Dividers)
– Tuck-away Size Access Door
– 4x Anchor points
– Grab handle

4L Camera Insert Specs
– Mirrorless Camera with 70-200mm Lens
Mirrorless Camera plus 2 to 3 lenses
– Several point-and-shoot-sized cameras
– Medium-sized collapsible drone with accessories

– 28L Weekender (Vertical)
– 21L Overnight (Vertical)
– 17L Daypack (Vertical)
– 19L Tote (Horizontal)

– Customizable Padded Dividers
– Accessories Pockets (on Dividers)
– Tuck-away Size Access Door
– 2x Anchor points
– Slim handles

Design and Build Quality

A black backpack with a child in the snow.

Discrete but stylish, the Moment Everything Bags are designed to suit all occasions, destinations, and uses, whether that be work or play.

The Moment Everything Bags are designed with a modern yet functional and refined casual feel.

They don’t look utilitarian or rugged, they don’t look like a camera bag, nor do they give a “school bag for adults” vibe either. Available in a bright mustard “Workwear” colour or a classic and discrete “Black”.

Built to be durable and weather resistant, Moment constructed the Everything Bags to survive even the toughest of commutes to the office and endure strenuous travel destinations.

Four pictures of a black backpack with different compartments.

Moment has ensured durable materials, comfortable straps and padding, and handy features adorn the Everything range.

Featuring custom-developed water-resistant fabric, YKK weatherproof zippers, ergonomic padded shoulder straps, grab handles, dedicated laptop and tablet compartments, and multiple additional internal storage options.

The Everything Bags will likely survive just about… everything.

With that, you’ll also appreciate the comfortable padding and firm structure along the back panel, which not only assists with weight distribution but ensures laptop protection.

Two black backpacks sitting next to each other on a sidewalk.

Unfortunately, due to their soft nature, while having light loads, the 21L and 28L Everything Bags may lean forward under their own weight.

However, it could do with a little firmer padding along the base and some more structure to the front. I found that with an empty or light load, the bags tend to sag and topple forward rather than stay upright.

Additionally, items stored in the front and top internal pockets can add to this.

Storage Capacity and Compartments

A series of photos showing the inside of a backpack.

[28L – Top | 21L Bottom] Moment has included copious amounts of storage pockets, pouches, and sleeves.

Being cavernous by design, the Everything Backpacks feature an open and unrestricted main compartment. The 28L Weekender also has additional internal pockets on the back panel, accessible through the main compartment. The smaller backpacks don’t have this.

Found on the front lid of the backpack is a vertical pocket containing additional internal pockets for smaller gear. On the inside of the same front lid is another internal zipper pocket for more items.

The back panel of the backpacks are where you’ll find your dedicated Laptop and Tablet pouches, along with additional storage capacity for notebooks and various small items. The 28L also has a small hidden RFID-protected passport pocket.

A series of photos showing the contents of a backpack.

The Moment Everything bags have plenty of capacity for everyday work items, toddler/baby stuff, gym gear, and of course, camera equipment.

Moment has also produced multiple organisational accessories, including a pair of Camera Inserts, Tech Organisers, and even a Film Pouch for classic photography aficionados.

Able to be utilised how you see fit, the main compartment of each Everything Bag will fit multiple of these accessories, along with your own gear, and come with built-in loops to secure the placement of the Camera Inserts within the main compartment.

The 28L Weekender can utilise the larger 8L Camera Insert, while the other bags within the Everything lineup only fit the 4L Camera Insert.

Two pictures of a black backpack and a camera bag.

Both sizes feature wide side pockets, but the 28L Everything Bag has a small hidden RFID-protected passport pocket.

Much to my happiness and to maintain camel-like status, the backpacks also have a large bottle pocket on one side that can fit a large and wide 1L water bottle. It also fits a tripod, just FYI.

Protection and Security Features

A black backpack sitting on a sidewalk.

Heavy rain was not a concern for the 21L Everything Backpack, much as it wasn’t for my toddler either. Both feature hydrophobic properties; unlike my wife’s new jacket…

The Moment Everything Bag lineup features weatherproof YKK zippers and custom-developed fabric made from a micro ripstop DWR finish with a two-layer waterproof coating – not only providing weather and water protection but also dust, lint, and fur resistance.

I wasn’t sure whether to believe that last part myself; living in a house with two animals that endlessly shed fur means that anything susceptible to animal fur will be truly tested. But it’s true.

Regarding protecting your camera gear, though. If you’re using a Camera Insert, you’ll have a couple of layers of protection should your bag take a bump.

The Camera Inserts feature a padded build, and the bags themselves have padding along the back and bottom. If you’ve also fastened the Camera Insert within the bags, that’ll stop it from shifting around, too.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

A backpack with a camera inside of it.

The front zipper of the 21L Everything Bag does not go right to the base, creating a slight restriction at the bottom with the Camera Insert lid as pictured.

Given the simplistic nature of the Everything Bag lineup, they’re quite accessible and easy to utilise through your daily needs. When functioning as a camera bag, if you’re using the Camera Insert, you can easily secure the anchors using the built-in loops.

The only slight bother when using the Camera Insert in the 21L Overnight is regarding clear access. On the 21L bag, I’ve found that the bag doesn’t open as wide on the lower side (at least not as wide as the 28L), causing a bit of restriction to access the lower corner of the 4L Camera Insert.

How is this a problem? If your camera is placed at the bottom and lens up, it’s harder to remove it by grabbing its grip. Plus, if you place your divider at the bottom instead, you can’t access your items under the camera.

Realistically, though, the Camera Insert serves a pretty good purpose of compartmentalising your gear separate from your other items. After all, it’s not a dedicated camera bag so I can forgive all this. I’ve been using it regularly while travelling, and it’s not been much of an issue – it was just fussy.

Conveniently, all of the built-in compartments and pockets are easily accessed with wide-opening zippers and soft materials. None of these feel tight or constricted; functionality seems to be at the top of the priority list when it comes to the bags themselves.

A backpack sitting on a rock.

The 28L Everything Backpack is the only one that opens in a clamshell style. The body shape does shift as you open it, so it may look over-full here, but it secures nicely.

The winner of the clearest access is the 28L Weekender. It opens really wide through the main zippers and is the only one that has two access points to the main compartment.

You can lay the bag face down and open it up completely like a clamshell or release the front zipper to open the main lid like the smaller-sized backpacks.

Comfort and Portability

Two pictures of a man carrying a black backpack.

[21L – Left | 28L – Right] While you may not notice too much difference in size, the 28L Everything Bag does feel much larger.

The padded shoulder straps and structured back panel provide excellent weight distribution and long-term carry comfort. The rear padding is designed to channel air through the Airmesh to add extra comfort and help manage heat retention.

There is also a sternum strap included for additional support during longer carry sessions.

Conveniently, there are three grab handles, one on the top and one on either side of the backpack,s to help with grab-and-go manoeuvrability and stowage when travelling or commuting.

The Moment Everything 17L Daypack, 21L Overnight, and 28L Weekender also have a luggage pass-through for added portability and convenience.

The 19L Tote has a longer shoulder strap for added convenience and comfort during heavier or longer-lasting loads. Wear it your way: cross-body or on one side.

Versatility and Travel-Friendliness

A black backpack in front of a pagoda.

The 21L Moment Everything Bag has been a great companion on this family trip to Seoul. It’s endured a range of weather conditions while being stuffed full of… stuff.

This is where the Moment Everything Bags really shine – versatility and travel-friendliness.

I have taken the 28L on a few regional trips with my family, but right now, as I am writing this, I am sitting in a hotel room in Seoul with the 21L Everything Bag by my side.

Being versatile by design ensures long-lasting and favourable use.

Moment took the benefits of a simple open-compartment backpack and added additional features for organisation, durability, and protection. With the clear and relatively unrestricted access to most items, along with the additional organisational pouches, it has all come in handy.

These considerations have proven helpful time and time again throughout the trip. Being able to load it up with necessities for my toddler, along with securing my Sony a7 III safely inside while dealing with trains and crowds, has been rather helpful.

Surprisingly, too, the 21L Everything Bag fits within the prams under the seat basket, another weight off my shoulders on long days.

Note: I elected not to use the 28L Weekender as I felt it was just a little too large for my needs on this trip.

If I had more camera gear in tow or needed to load it up further, it would’ve been the preferred choice instead. I tried to travel lighter than usual on our days out this trip.

A black backpack sitting in the snow.

A luggage pass-through and decent padding are always welcomed additions to any bag while travelling.

Furthermore, the whole lineup is sized to fit within airline size restrictions. The 17L Daypack, 19L Tote, and 21L Overnight bags fit under the seat. The 28L Weekender is suited only for the overhead cabin space.

Being fitted with a luggage pass-through means placing it atop a wheely bag to take the weight off your shoulders. At the same time, the durable nature of the materials ensures your gear is protected during the unpredictable nature of travel.

Additionally, the 28L Weekender also has an inbuilt RFID-protected passport pocket hidden on the back panel.

Organization and Accessibility of Accessories

A person holding a backpack with a laptop inside.

The Moment Everything bags have plenty of small storage options for your extra accessories.

Everyday needs require everyday accessories. The Moment Everything Bag lineup features multiple pockets and compartments to help handle those needs. All are easily accessible with wide openings and are either elastic and stretch to fit or have zippers to secure items in place.

The back panel of the Everything Backpacks contain your laptop and tablet pouches, along with extra space for books, notepads, pens and more. But if the included pockets and pouches aren’t enough, Moment also has additional organisers available to bundle into your purchase.

The Tech Organiser has the capacity to store USB battery packs, memory cards, hard drives, pens, camera batteries, and bulkier plugs and cables.

The Mini Tech Organiser has a very slim profile and has been designed for smaller cables, batteries, plugs, and memory cards.

The Film Pouch is, well, for film cannisters and batteries. But it is made from clear plastic, so you can easily see what’s held within. Besides, it can be used for whatever you want. It’s your life.

All of these can be easily dropped into the main compartment along with everything else, securely zipped closed so they don’t spill out and mess with your incredible organisational skills of “stuff everything in with no particular order”.

The Camera Inserts come with attachment clips to secure within the Everything Bags. The 4L has two on one side, and the 8L has four but can only fit within the larger 28L Backpack.

Four pictures of a camera cube filled with various camera equipment.

The 4L Camera Insert is well suited to Mirrorless and foldable drones. It also can fit a Canon 5D Mark III, but won’t seal properly.

Additionally, and as expected, the dividers can be rearranged to suit your needs.

They also feature slim elastic pouches built onto one side of each, which are also suited to lens filters, cables, batteries, or whatever else you may need.

Alternatives to the Everything Bag

Three backpacks sitting next to each other.

Moment has a range of bags available to suit whatever capacity and need you may have.

Moment’s The Everything Bag comes in various sizes and variations, providing a choice to select the one that is right for you. But if you’re still not quite sure what you need, allow me to briefly expand upon the range while dropping in another potential option.

  • 17L Everything Bag “Day Pack”: A traditional day pack with enough space for the office or a shoot
  • 19L Everything Bag “Tote”: A city bag with enough room to work, shoot, and head out at night.
  • 21L Everything Bag “Overnight”: A larger day pack with additional space for a change of clothes.
  • 28L Everything Bag “Weekender”: A large backpack with enough space to last for a couple of days or a “long weekend”.
  • 35L DayChaser Travel Camera Pack: A large backpack designed for travelling photographers. The separated top section features “Day Pack” equivalent space, while the dedicated camera pouch has enough room for plenty of (or large/bulky) camera gear.

Price and Value for Money

The contents of a backpack on a rock.

The 28L Everything Bag has space in the main compartment for jackets, gloves, change mat, wet wipes, and a mirrorless camera with additional accessories.

Moment has designed these bags to suit a wide range of uses while also ensuring the retail value stays at a reasonable rate.

I dare say the entry price being around US$99-199, depending on size and accessories package, is a fair deal. Especially when considering the price of day packs from many other popular brands, such as AER, Bellroy, or even Antler.

There are bags out there to fit every budget and need. It’s finding the balance between size, comfort, quality, and feel that makes for a great backpack.

Sometimes simplicity is key, especially when you’re considering using the bag every day for work, along with re-using it on your next overseas adventure.

That is exactly what the Moment Everything bags seem to be about – simplicity with durability, all while conforming to your everyday needs. That’s great value in itself.


A close shot of the zippers found on the Moment Everything Bag

The main front zippers have a lip covering them to help protect them from rain.

  • Are the Moment Everything Bags suitable for airline cabins?

Yes, the 17L, 19L, and 21L bags fit under the passenger seats, while the 28L can be stowed within the overhead storage bins.

  • How much weather protection do the Everything Bags have?

The Moment Everything Bags are made from material that features water-repellent properties and uses YKK Aquaguard zippers. For an added layer of protection, the external zippers are also shielded by a lip.

But please don’t submerge the bags; they are not floatation devices, and they will take on water if you bring them into the ocean, pool, or lake.

  • How much padding is there to protect my camera gear on the Everything Bags?

Being an everyday/day pack-style bag, you won’t find any padding besides the base and back panel. Which is more than some simpler day packs out there.

So, to organise and protect your camera gear, I recommend utilising the Camera Inserts. They’re padded on all sides and can be secured inside the Everything Bags to restrict them from moving around. This way, you’ll have sufficient padding for your gear while appreciating the organisational properties.

The Moment Everything Bag Review | Conclusion

The 21L Moment Everything backpack sitting on a street in a city.

The Moment Everything Bag. Suitable for the streets, whether local or foreign.

I believe the Moment Everything Bags do live up to their name.

They can be used to do everything you may need regarding a backpack. However, where they fall down a bit is the fact they don’t always sit upright, and the front panel tends to sag due to the soft nature of the build.

But that’s merely a fussy thing. They are fit for purpose, and they can be adjusted to suit pretty much whatever it is you set out to do.

For those of you who take particular needs more seriously, you may still prefer to have a dedicated bag for those needs. Such as photographers with a ton of gear they constantly need access to or hikers with additional hooks, loops, and ropes for equipment.

But for the general everyday users, such as myself, the Everything Bags provide everything I need.

The 21L Overnight backpack fits my drone or camera, along with a spare jacket, items for a day out, and all of my daughter’s extra needs as well.

Removing the camera cube leaves heaps of space for lunch boxes, Tech Organisers, and other work gear for my commute to the office. What else do I need?


Affordable, well-designed and good-looking daily bags that offer easy access and impressive comfort and capacities.


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