Samsung To Weave Generative AI Right Into Upcoming Phones

Samsung phone with gauss AI

Generative AI systems such as Midjourney and the now wildly popular Adobe Firefly have become more popular than ever, enough for Samsung to take note.

Having read the writing on the wall, the technology and smartphone maker is now priming itself to release what it calls Samsung Gauss.

This is a rival AI technology to Open AI’s ChatGPT (for text) that will also generate images on the fly (like Firefly or OpenAI’s DALL-E) but right inside upcoming Samsung phones.

As you might have guessed from its name, Gauss is called that in honor of the famous historical mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who developed one of the core mathematical theories that help modern large language models (LLMs) work.

These LLMs are themselves the backbone of today’s cutting-edge AI consumer technology. Samsung explains more about that and the Gauss software here.

According to the company, it’s using this name for its AI models “to draw from all the phenomena and knowledge in the world in order to harness the power of AI to improve the lives of consumers everywhere.”

Samsung also has more than a few stains on its reputation for engaging in user-hostile and highly intrusive behavior with its smartphones, so let’s hope that Gauss doesn’t contribute too much to that at least.

With that said Gauss is basically a generative language and image-rendering AI assistant that will work much like others already being used by consumers.

The major difference in this case is that it can perform all of its tricks from right inside a phone’s hardware. Oh, and it will also be a coding assistant in case that’s useful for you on your own smartphone.

When Gauss emerges in Samsung’s next phones, users will presumably be able to enhance even their worst phone camera shots in all sorts of ways.

This will certainly continue to become an ever-growing trend among many other phones from many other brands too, either via hardware or software.

The upcoming Samsung phone that seems most likely to include Gauss in its internals will probably be the Galaxy S24, according to this report from the Korea Times.

Samsung itself has stated, “Samsung Gauss is currently used on employee productivity but will be expanded to a variety of Samsung product applications to provide new user experience in the near future,”

Gauss, much like ChatGPT, is also useful as a work assistant, being able to help compose emails, summarize documents and translate content among other things.

Inside a Samsung phone, it will probably do all of these things while also being able to help users with web and other searches, or in composing messages to their contacts.

A samsung phone with the text samsung gauss.

Gauss started as an employee productivity tool, so this is probably why it also features its Gauss Code assistant for programmer coding. This particular ability is something that ChatGPT also offers to users.

At first glance, it might seem a bit odd that Samsung, a company not directly involved in AI research and data science in the same way that, say, Alphabet is, would create its own AI platform from the ground up.

However, such tactics are actually pretty common from what is one of the world’s most absolutely diverse technology companies.

Samsung already builds everything from smartphones and their internal processing technology to heavy industrial equipment and even military weapons.

For much of what it does, the company prefers to rely on its own internal developments. In its smartphones, this applies to most of what they contain except mainly for their Google Android operating systems.

Despite this, building a genuinely effective LLM for high-performance AI isn’t exactly easy quite yet, so we’ll see soon enough how well Gauss performs compared to established consumer market AI tech from OpenAI or Google.

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