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Best Sony a6000 Accessories

Looking to kit out your Sony a6000 camera with the best accessories? From cases to cards, straps to speedlights, this is the guide you need in 2023.

You may be wondering why I’m writing a guide to the best Sony a6000 accessories here in 2023. We’re talking about a camera that’s over 6 years old, after all!

However, let’s remember one thing – the Sony a6000 is the best-selling mirrorless camera of all time… and that’s quite an achievement!

I’m assuming you’re reading this guide because you’ve recently bought one of these fantastic APS-C sensor e-mount cameras and want to kit it out.

Or perhaps you even own one of the other Sony APS-C Cameras – the Sony a6100, a6300, a6500 or a6600. These camera accessories are definitely relevant for all those models too ;-)

Whatever the case, you’re in luck – this guide features everything from the best Sony a6000 case to batteries, straps, memory cards and more.

So let’s dive straight into the recommendations.

(Not got the camera yet? Check out my in-depth Sony Alpha a6000 review.)

Sony a6000 Accessories in 2023

1. Sony a6000 Case (Full Body) | MegaGear Neoprene

best accessories for sony a6000 and sony a6300 cameras

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Not everyone needs a case for their camera, but if you like to just throw your camera into a travel bag and go, it can be a wise investment.

Full-body cases allow you to leave the camera bag at home and throw your camera straight into your backpack, purse, or travel bag… while still protecting it from any knocks, bumps or bruises.

This one from MegaGear offers stylish protection while not adding any extra bulk.

It fits up to a 16-50mm kit lens or equivalent. (It also fits the a6300 and a6500 with lens attached as well.) The Neoprene exterior is thick enough to protect the camera from minor bumps and scrapes while keeping out dust and dirt. It’s also water-resistant.

If black’s not your thing, you can choose between red, blue, grey, and hot pink. No matter the color, this little case provides a great alternative to lugging around an entire camera bag.

If you’re searching for the best Sony a6000 accessories to protect your pride and joy, this case should be at the top of your list.

2. Sony a6000 Case (Half Body) | Sony Just-Fit

one of the best accessories for your sony camera

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If you’re reading this guide to Sony a6000 accessories, you already know that the a6000 is an awesome yet pint-sized powerhouse of a camera. That means it can be a bit challenging to shoot with for folks with bigger hands.

If this is you, you might want to consider getting a half-body case just to make the ergonomics work a bit better for you.

The Sony Just-Fit half-body case adds just enough bulk to the a6000 to make it more grippable, while adding a bit of protection to boot.

I know, the point of getting into mirrorless cameras is their small size – but sometimes they’re just a bit too small for easy use. That’s why Sony Just-Fit rocks it.

Since this case is just a half-body, all of the controls remain accessible as well as the battery and memory card. The case doesn’t touch the lens, so no restrictions there.

There’s also an opening at the bottom of the case to allow the encased camera to screw easily onto a tripod.

As a bonus, the Sony Just-Fit also happens to look good and feel great in hand. Highly recommended for those who find the Sony a6000’s size a bit too tiny for comfortable shooting, and ideal for the Sony a6100 or any of the newer bodies too.

3. Sony a6000 Charger + Batteries | RAVPower Dual Batteries + charger

battery accessories for sony

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We all know that the Sony a6000, like many mirrorless cameras, has a less-than-optimal battery life. The most you’ll get out of the Sony a6000 battery is around 360 shots, and that’s being super conservative with your battery usage.

To add insult to injury, the Sony a6000 itself comes with just a USB charging cable, making it impossible to charge your camera’s batteries without tying up your camera at the same time. That’s why a stash of extra batteries (and a way to charge them!) is one of the best Sony a6000 accessories.

Our choice? The RAVPower dual battery charger. Not only does it provide dual battery charging separate from your camera, but it also comes with two batteries made precisely for the Sony a6000.

There’s also an extra USB slot on the side, so you can charge your phone at the same time.

Since the whole unit charges via USB, you can charge your batteries just about anywhere you can charge your phone – including from a power bank – all while not tying up your camera.

One cool feature of the RAVPower is that it charges each battery independently, so if one’s empty and one’s at 50%, the 50% one will be done sooner.

Another bonus is that the batteries that come with the RAVPower dual battery charger last just as long in the field as the native Sony batteries do.

While the RAVPower charger doesn’t come with a USB wall/car adaptor, most of us have plenty of those lying around.

All in all, one of the best buys in this list – see more of the best camera batteries here.

4. Sony a6000 Memory Cards | SanDisk Extreme U3


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There’s nothing worse than getting to a shoot or going on a day trip and finding that your memory card is full. That’s why it’s important to have at least a couple of spare memory cards around, with at least one tucked into your camera case if at all possible.

Of course, price can be a deterrent, as the fastest cards can run well over $100 or more.

Luckily with the Sony a6000, you don’t really need to invest in the fastest cards out there. They have an internal write-speed bottleneck that pretty much equalizes all memory cards to more or less the same speed.

If you’re shooting video and are looking for a UH-II card, the Lexar 64GB 2000x UHS-II U3 memory card has the fastest performance on the a6000 (though just by a hair).

If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, the Lexar 128GB 1667x is a fantastic buy and writes just a wee bit slower than the aforementioned 2000x.

For UH-I, the SanDisk Extreme U3 memory card is quite tried and true. Definitely one of the best Sony a6000 accessories if you’re not doing a lot of video.

Just be aware, there were a number of faulty SanDisk cards that went out on the market a few months back. Check your seller’s feedback closely.

5. Sony a6000 Remote Controls | Sony RMT-DSLR2


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Whether you’re into long exposure photography, HDR, or selfies, a remote control is a one of the essential Sony a6000 accessories for anyone who shoots with a tripod and wants to reduce camera shake.

(In case you were wondering, a tripod alone won’t cancel out 100% of camera shake.)

Of all the compatible remotes out there, we recommend the Sony RMT-DSLR2.

The Sony RMT-DSLR2 straddles the line between price and quality, offering decent wireless connectivity and tons of features for less than $30.

Single Shot, Burst, 2-second Self Timer, and bulb modes are all included, as well as a video record button.

If you haven’t yet used a remote control on a Sony camera before, be aware that you need to first enable “Remote Control” in the Sony menu on the camera.

Of course, if you’re planning on investing in the vertical grip or the intervalometer accessories recommended on this page, you won’t need a separate remote control. Scroll down for more info.

6. Sony a6000 Intervalometer | Aodelan WTR2


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If you shoot time-lapse photography or astrophotography, you’re going to need a remote control with an intervalometer. (Some cameras have one built in, but not the Sony a6000.)

While most cabled remote controls come with an intervalometer built in, many of the wireless options seem to be strangely lacking this very handy device.

There are a few wireless remotes out there that have an intervalometer built in, the nicest one we’ve found being the Aodelan WTR2. It has all the functions of the less expensive remotes combined with just about every timer mode you can imagine and a 60-meter range to boot!

The Aodelan WTR2 uses an LCD screen for easy programming and allows you to set a number of shots from 1-999 or to infinitely take photos until you tell it to stop (or you run out of space on your memory card).

Exposure lengths can be set all the way up to almost 100 hours via one-second increments.

There’s so much this cool little guy can do it’s hard to list it all here. Suffice it to say that if you’re into any kind of timed long exposure or time-lapse photography, the Aodelan WTR2 will give you the best bang for your buck.

Also, as a bonus, the Aodelan WTR2 will work with just about every modern Sony camera out there, so if the a6000 is your backup camera to say, a Sony a7 series camera, this will work great with both.

7. Sony a6000 Screen Protectors | Expert Shield Anti-Glare

a screen protector is one of the necessary accessories for your sony

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A screen protector is another one of those essential Sony a6000 accessories that you really shouldn’t be without, and with all the options out there it’s hard to know which to choose. After many trials, our favorite is the Expert Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector.

The Expert Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector provides superior protection while having the added benefit fo reducing screen glare. (If you’ve tried to use your LCD screen in broad sunlight you’ll know why this is important.)

It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other screen protectors, but comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a no-bubble and no-scratch guarantee.

If you’re looking for some less expensive Sony a6000 accessories that do the same job, the QIBOX Glass Screen Protector is an excellent low-cost alternative. It doesn’t come with the anti-glare feature, but works beautifully otherwise and three screen protectors are provided in every kit.

8. Sony a6000 Lens Mount Adapters | Fotodiox


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One of the beautiful things about today’s mirrorless camera world is that you can often use your old Canon and Nikon lenses with them.

The Sony a6000 uses the Sony E-mount, which means you’ll need to find a lens mount adaptor that goes from your lens of choice (generally EF for Canon and F for Nikon) to the E.

While there are plenty of lens mount adaptors out there, they all have varying degrees of success – especially when using autofocus.

Some photographers have everything work just fine, while others can’t get much of anything to work quite right. Still, some success is better than no success when dealing with beloved lenses.

In general, though, the choice for Canon lenses tends to be between Metabones and Fotodiox. While there are mixed reviews on both brands, Metabones tends to be super pricey, and don’t necessarily work any better than the more reasonably-priced Fotodiox lens mount adaptors.

For Canon lenses

Finding good Nikon adaptors that work on the a6000 – especially with autofocus – is a bit more challenging.

For Nikon lenses

Of course, you can always check out this post on the best Sony a6000 lenses if you’re just looking for a list of recommended lenses that work with this specific camera.

9. Sony a6000 Vertical Grip | Meike MK-A6300


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If you’re not into carrying a bunch of extra batteries, but would still like to extend the battery life of the a6000, you might want to look at getting a vertical battery grip. Vertical battery grips extend battery life while making the camera easier to hold and use.

For the Sony alpha 6000, the Meike MK-A6300 is pretty much the best mix of features and quality.

It will double your battery life. If you like you can use the shutter button in the grip or disconnect the cable and use the shutter button on top of the camera.

Better yet, the Meike MK-A6300 comes with its own wireless remote control and intervalometer.

Bottom line? The Meike MK-A6300 is one of those multi-faceted Sony a6000 accessories that covers a lot of ground. In this case, that means doubling your camera’s battery life while considerably improving its ergonomics. Highly recommended.

10. Sony a6000 Straps | Peak Design Slide


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There are a lot of great camera straps out on the market, but our favorite by far is the Peak Design Slide.

Its quick-adjust system works brilliantly, as does its famous quick release system. In fact, the Peak Design Slide comes with enough attachment points to set up two different cameras, as well as one that works with a tripod mount.

The Slide gets its name from being able to slide easily when using one side of the shoulder strap, but not slide when the “sticky” side of the strap is used.

Regardless of the weight of the camera, this camera strap is incredibly comfortable and can be worn as a neck strap, shoulder strap, or a cross-body strap.

The a6000 hardly weighs anything, but if you want to use it with a heavier camera and lens set-up you won’t be disappointed.

Sure, you can find cheaper camera straps out there, but considering the superior design, function, and quality of this camera strap, you truly get what you pay for.

Alternatively, the Peak Design Wrist Cuff has a much smaller profile and uses the same quick-release system. An added benefit is that it stores as a bracelet when not being used with the camera – see our Peak Design Cuff review for a closer look.

11. Sony a6000 Bags | Peak Design Everyday Sling


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As you may have noticed, we’re serious Peak Design fans – they simply make some of the finest camera accessories out there. The Peak Design Everyday Sling bag is no exception.

It comes in 3L, 6L and 10L sizes, with the 10L able to easily hold your Sony alpha 6000 with an attached lens plus 3-4 extra lenses, a PD Slide, and a number of other Sony a6000 accessories (including separate pockets for memory cards). There’s even room for a water bottle.

Inside the Everyday Sling, you’ll find a fantastic organization system, complete with the patented FlexFold pocket-makers the company’s other bags have.

It’s almost endlessly customizable, and you don’t have to mess around with velcro dividers, which I must confess, I hate.

Like the Peak Design Slide, the strap on the Everyday Sling has a quick-adjust system that’s seriously a dream to use.

Like all Peak Design products, the Everyday Sling bag comes with a lifetime warranty.

To learn about its other features, you can read our Every Day Sling review. Suffice it to say, this is a fantastic looking bag with amazing design and features.

Great for everyday use (hence the name) or minimalist travel. Highly recommend it!

12. Sony a6000 Flashes | Godox V860II-S


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While the Sony a6000 does come with an in-camera flash, it generally doesn’t provide very flattering results. It’s fairly weak with very narrow coverage that doesn’t extend very far.

That’s why it’s always recommended to have an external flash, especially if you tend to shoot portraits in low-light situations.

When it comes to external flashes for the Sony alpha a6000, there are a few different options. In our opinion, the best in terms of value and functionality is the Godox V86oII-S Flash Speedlite. It does just about everything that more expensive flashes do (i.e. the Sony HVL-F43M). Some things it does better.

It supports all TTL functions, works as both a master and a slave flash (i.e. you can use it to trigger a studio flash), and has excellent battery life.

It also has cool features like being able to emit a series of flashes and record every bit of an object’s motion in a photograph.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do, especially if you’re shooting stop motion.

Though you can buy just the speedlite, this particular kit includes a battery, charger, mini stand, case, and softbox. A must for anyone whose shooting would benefit from a little added light.

13. Sony a6000 Under Water Housing | Seafrogs

underwater housing for sony a6300 6500 and 6000

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If you’re into surfing photography or underwater photography you won’t find a better, more affordable waterproof housing for the a6000 than the Seafrogs Salted Line.

It goes down to a full 60 meters, has dual fiber-optic ports, a leak detection sensor, and can be used with the Sony a6300 and a6500 as well.

This particular unit allows you to shoot with 5 different lenses (the Sony E 16-50mm, the Sony E 35mm f/1.8, the Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm, the Sigma 19mm F2.8 DN Art, and the Sigma 30mm F2.8) with access to all the camera controls.

If the lens you want to use isn’t one of these, there are plenty of “dome” options available for other lens options. (Check here to see if it can accommodate your preferred lenses.)

This particular housing comes pre-installed for the Sony a6300 and a6500 cameras, so you’ll need to use the swap that’s included in the purchase to get the right fit.

Other included items are a Neoprene cover, red diving filter, flash diffuser, wrist strap, shoulder strap, spare O ring, and lubricant.

At just under $300, this is truly the best, most affordable underwater housing for mirrorless cameras so far.

14. Sony a6000 UV filters | Tiffen 405UVP


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While there’s definitely a debate as to whether a UV filter interferes with the quality of your shooting, most people agree that it’s worth having a UV filter as a basic protection for your lens glass.

UV filters can be easily replaced; your lens glass, not so much.

So which UV filter should you get? Well, a good rule of thumb is that the price of the UV filter should be somewhere between 8% and 10% of the cost of your lens.

For a kit lens like the 16-50mm, the Tiffen UV filters are about right.

If you’re shooting with an expensive piece of glass, you’ll want to bump up to something like a B+W UV filter or better.

The links provided are for a 40.5mm thread (as found on the 16-50mm kit lens). For other lenses you’ll need to check the thread size for the lens you’re buying for. You can usually find this etched on the inside of the front lens cap.

Final Words

There you have it… 14 of the absolute best Sony a6000 accessories.

With a selection of these to round out your kit, you’ll be able to do pretty much everything you can dream of doing with your nifty little mirrorless camera – from taking remote control selfies to shooting in the depths of the sea.

Got any favourite a6000 accessories of your own to add or feel like anything is missing? Let us know in the comments, and remember to also check out our guide to popular accessories for Sony cameras.



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