Best Sony a6000 bundle

Best Value Sony a6000 Bundle

If you're thinking of buying the Sony a6000, don't miss this guide to what I believe is the best camera bundle available. (Includes 12 useful accessories.)

Camera Gear Guides | Camera Guides | By Mark Condon | Last Updated: October 30, 2023

I feel like I should explain why I’m writing a post about what I believe to be the best value Sony a6000 Bundle here in 2023.

Why have I chosen to highlight a camera that’s over 5 years old? Well, the a6000 is actually the best-selling mirrorless camera of all time.

This is due to a unique combination of affordability and features – in my in-depth Sony a6000 review, I discussed why I believe it’s an absolute bargain of a camera, despite 3 newer models existing.

On top of being great value for money, Sony also like to create a6000 ‘bundles’ – basically a combination of useful photography related products that help you hit the ground running with your new camera purchase.

Sony a6000 Bundle

Unbeatable deal featuring 12 useful accessories. Includes 16-50mm lens, filter, memory card, spider tripod, cleaning kit and more.

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It’s annoying having to buy all the peripherals when you get a new camera – things like memory cards, lens cleaners, spare batteries, bags, tripods, filters, etc – these are all the things your high street camera store assistant will usually try and ‘upsell’ to you!

That’s why I’ve spent some time scouring the Internet for what I believe is the best Sony a6000 Kit offer currently available on this remarkable camera.

(If Sony is the right camera system for you, check out our Canon T7i and Nikon D5600 bundle guides instead.)

Best Value Sony a6000 Bundle in 2023

Recommended Sony a6000 bundle

It’s great to be able to get so many useful gadgets when buying a new camera.

For around $500, you get the excellent Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless camera, plus a selection of useful accessories, that amount to several hundred dollars more – it’s quite a discount.

Here’s what will arrive with your a6000 bundle:

  • Sony Alpha a6000 (obviously!)
  • Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Power Zoom Lens
  • SanDisk 64GB Ultra UHS-I Class 10 SDXC Memory Card
  • Tiffen 40.5mm UV Protector + 49mm Circular Polarizer Lens Filter
  • Wasabi Power Battery x2 + Charger
  • 10″ Spider tripod
  • DSLR Gadget Bag
  • 5-Piece Cleaning Kit  
  • Lens Cleaning Pen
  • USB 2.0 Card Reader
  • Wrist Grip Strap
  • Silicone Lens Band
  • 6-Foot Micro HDMI Cable

That’s quite a list! I didn’t bother calculating a combined total price, but I’m guessing it’s close to $800 in combined value – approximately $300 in savings!

Top 5 Bundled a6000 Accessories

Let’s take a closer look at what I think are the top 5 accessories in this bundle, plus a little comment from me on why the accessory will be useful to you.

1. Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Power Zoom lens

sony power zoom 16-50

Compared to an iPhone 7, you can see how dinky this impressive little lens is!

This is one surprising little lens. I must admit I wasn’t expecting much from it, considering its size and weight 115g (4.09 oz), but after trying it out for a few days I’m happy to be recommending it here to you.

At almost $300, this lens bundled with the Sony a6000 is a bargain – the camera body on its own is about $440, so buying the body and the lens separately would be over $700.

Performance-wise, it delivers sharp, contrasty, vibrant images when paired with the a6000.

It’s not a ‘fast’ lens by any means (f/3.5-5.6 aperture), but thanks to the built-in OSS (image stabilization), you can still shoot handheld in low light without having to resort to a high ISO.

(The a6000 doesn’t have in-built camera stabilization, so having the lens do the stabilizing for you is a welcome feature.)

It also pairs beautifully with a small camera such as the Sony a6000 – it’s as light as a feather, and doesn’t protrude out from the camera body, unbalancing your shooting experience.

You’ve probably seen other Sony a6000 bundles on Amazon which offer longer zoom lenses with the camera – whilst having a big zoom lens isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’d advise against it, since it’ll feel very odd on the small a6000 body.

You’ll have to shoot two-handed, your wrist will tire quicker, and worst of all – your a6000 will no longer fit in a jacket pocket!

Trust me on this one – start small when it comes to lenses. The 16-50mm is the perfect size for this camera, and the whole ‘Power Zoom’ functionality is great fun.

2. SanDisk 64GB Ultra UHS-I Class 10 SDXC Memory Card

Memory cards have dropped substantially in price over recent months. Last time I checked, the SanDisk 64GB Ultra memory card cost around $60, but apparently it’s down to about $12 now!

Whatever the case, it’s great to have such a high quality memory card bundled here with the Sony a6000, and 64GB will serve you well for plenty of photos, whether you shoot RAW or JPEG.

While there are faster SD memory cards available, they all perform close to the same in terms of write speed on the a6000 due to an internal bottleneck.

I use the ‘Extreme Pro’ version of this memory card in my other cameras, but in the a6000, there’s no point spending the extra money – the regular ‘Ultra’ performs just as well.

3. Tiffen 40.5mm UV Protector + 49mm Circular Polarizing Lens Filter

Tiffen filter

Think of a polarizing filter as sunglasses for your camera.

I have to admit, I haven’t had a chance to get out and test these two filters yet. However, Tiffen is one of the world leaders in filters, so I have no doubt that they’ll perform admirably.

A UV Protector is a glass filter that attaches to the front of your lens, blocking out Ultraviolet rays. It’s  used these days as a way to protect the glass element on your lens from scratches.

A Circular Polarizer only allows light rays that are traveling in one direction from entering the lens – any light reflected off water and glass will be cut out from your photo.

This makes it easier to take a photo of lakes, or through car windows for example – a bit like sunglasses for your camera.

The combined price of these 2 bundled filters isn’t much, but these are definitely useful products that can prolong the life of your lens, especially if you tend to throw your camera around a bit like I do!

4. Wasabi Dual Battery Charger + Two Spare Batteries

Battery charger options

The USB powered dual battery charger allows you to even use a portable smartphone charger!

Your Sony a6000 already comes with a battery and a charger, so why would you need more?

Well, the benefit of spare batteries goes without saying – mirrorless cameras can chew up power (due to their electronic viewfinders), so having more than one battery is a good idea when you’re out shooting all day.

As for the battery charger, well the one that comes with your camera is the kind that you plug into a wall socket. Depending on what country you visit, this can be a bit of a pain in the a**!

It’s also annoying that you can only charge one Sony a6000 battery at a time.

I love this Wasabi Dual Charger since it means you can charge two batteries at once, AND you can charge them from any USB power source! This means I can charge two batteries at the same time via the USB port on my laptop – amazing!

If you wanted to travel even lighter, you can actually use the charger together with a portable battery pack, like the kind you use to charge your smartphone (see image above).

Wasabi is known for making great 3rd party batteries for cameras – these ones can even be charged in the original Sony charger, and perform as well as the originals.

The charger plus two batteries comes to around $40 – again, not a lot of money, but definitely a very useful selection of items to be included in this Sony a6000 bundle.

5. 10″ Spider tripod

This is one of those things I thought I’d never use. Cheap tripods are absolutely fine to start you off, but you usually end up buying better ones further down the line.

One exception I make to that statement is the buying of cheap table-top tripods, such as this 10″ ‘Spider’ tripod.

Table-top tripods can be used, as the name suggests, to hold your camera or smartphone on a table top.

When they have bendy, grippy legs, they can also be used to wrap around objects such as table legs, street posts and tree branches.

This opens up a whole world of creative options, not only for where you mount your camera, but also where you mount other hotshoe-able accessories, such as lights or flashes.

I like to use one of these tripods to secure a small LED light to a door handle (or whatever’s nearby), to provide some nice side light to a portrait.

You could also use this tripod to secure your Sony a6000 to a bike’s handlebars, for some first-person video footage as you hurtle down a hill!

It’s a cheap accessory, but one that will provide a lot of fun opportunities for your photography. Having it come included with your new camera in this bundle is definitely a bonus.

+ Other Bundled accessories

The other gadgets and gizmos that come with this a6000 bundle are still useful, but I didn’t think they warranted a whole write up:

  • Focus DSLR Gadget Bag – nice to have but I don’t use it.
  • 5-Piece Cleaning Kit – still haven’t used it, but nice to have.
  • Lens Cleaning Pen – great for keeping your lens free from dirt.
  • Focus USB 2.0 Card Reader – fast way to get your photos off your camera.
  • Focus Wrist Grip Strap – better than a shoulder strap when your camera is this small.
  • Focus Silicone Lens Band – useless, unless you have a zoom lens… and probably not much use then either!
  • Focus 6-Foot Micro HDMI Cable – another way to charge your camera, or transfer your images to your computer.

Why Buy a Camera Bundle?

In the past, Bundles (or sometimes referred to as Kits) used to be a marketing trick to encourage buying.

The bundled items looked great at first glance, but on closer inspection, they amounted to be a pile of junk – cheap, useless accessories, no doubt sourced from a dollar shop somewhere.

Fortunately, due to the effects of a competitive Amazon marketplace, the bundles that remain in 2023 offer true value – a great product, combined with a selection of genuinely useful accessories, often at a hugely discounted price.

I imagine that the bundle sellers are getting huge economies of scale by purchasing these accessories in bulk to include with the main product… but whatever the reason, it’s a good thing for all of us!

Nowadays, it’s possible to buy a great camera like the Sony a6000, and receive a selection of a6000 accessories that you probably would have bought separately elsewherethis saves you time and money.

Bundles also introduce you to products you may never have considered before – things like lens pens, USB chargers, flexible tripods… they’re probably not on everyone’s shopping list, but it’s definitely good to have them, especially if they’re ‘free’!

Sony a6000 Bundle | Final Words

So there you have it – a whole load of genuinely useful photography accessories, all bundled in with the Sony a6000.

Out of all these 12 items, I consider only 1 to be pretty much useless (the Silicone Lens Band, which is meant to stop your zoom lens slipping – wtf?!)

The other 11 items are all great, and things I’d recommend you think about purchasing at some point.

I hope this guide didn’t come across as one big sales pitch, as it wasn’t intended to be.

I’m just excited that so many useful products can be included with the purchase of what is still the best-selling mirrorless camera of all time.

I just hope that the bundle is still in stock by the time you read this!

Sony a6000 Bundle

Unbeatable deal featuring 12 useful accessories. Includes 16-50mm lens, filter, memory card, spider tripod, cleaning kit and more.

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