The InkEdibles Creator Gallery
The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

Dazzle Collection

Our premium quality of frosting sheets now come in a dazzle collection. These are from the sparkly line of our color frosting sheets known as dazzle sheets. Our dazzle frosting sheets are particularly designed for easy design cutting and handling. They are guaranteed to work perfectly with various electronic cutting machines. You can also print-customized them by using edible inks.

Our dazzle collection is offered in a 3 pack and letter size. They are available in gold sparkle, silver sparkle, pearl sparkle, bronze sparkle, red sparkle, and pink sparkle. This collection of frosting sheets can help boost your cake frosting designs. By choosing the right color and having the right amount of creativity, you can create the cake you always dream of.

What is more, the frosting sheets are also offered with 9 packs of 8.5x11 size and 8 letter size sheets. The 9 packs of frosting dazzle sheets are our love colors sparkle sampler set that is available with 3 colors each of pearl, pink, and red sparkle. The 8 dazzle sheets include 2 of each silver, bronze, pearl, and gold sparkle.

All that you need for your cake frostings, we can offer them here in your one-stop edible printing and supplies shop.